Let’s Do This Thang

The semester is coming to a close and it’s time to reflect on all that PR Publications has given me. For the final project, we have been asked to create something that reflects all we have learned such as design elements, life skills or unique ways to research.

What is the medium?

To tie up any loose ends I have, I am creating a video reflecting on this past semester. I am going to use iMovie with graphics, music and maybe even some voice layover. I am excited to put everything into a video and be able to reflect even further on my time in PR Publications. I have created a couple projects in iMovie and have loved what it can produce. I’m hoping to grow my video skills through this final project.

What tools will you need?

I will need iMovie and lots of patience. I’m not entirely sure on how to start this project, so that will be the first thing I need to tackle.

What will be your process for completing this assignment?

First, I have read through all my blog posts to see where I started and where I am now with design skills. Second, I will gather all of my designs and put them into one folder for easy access. Third, I will start the movie. I have a vision of what I am wanting out of this project and I hope I can reflect that in my final piece. Lastly, I will choose some inspiring music, probably Beyonce, and put it all together for one final showdown in PR Pubs. I have very much enjoyed my time here and I know I can use all of these skills outside of the classroom.


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