Blank Space Parody

PR Pubs as come to a close and as my final project, I wrote a parody of Blank Space about the class. When looking through my posts, I made sure to include parts of the entire class and how I felt about it all. Croom was a fantastic teacher and I loved the structure of my class. This project represents my learning style as hands on and what I think creativity is! You can find a link to the parody lyrics here.

Enjoy my video!

As the last lyrics go,

“Cause we’re young and we love pubs,

We’ll take this away with us.

It’ll leave you smarter,

With crazy design skills yeah.

Got a long list of work samples,

They’ll help when getting a job.

But we’ve got a bright future, baby,

And I loved the class!”

Melanie Krcilek
@ 7:33 pm

You’re my hero

Charity Williams
@ 4:15 am

That was awesome!!!


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