Chapter 3: Personality

I am reading Designing for Emotion and this week read Chapter 3: Personality.

1. What is one thing in Chapter 3 that you agree with?

I agree that ‚ÄúPersonality can manifest itself in an interface through visual design, copy, and interactions”. As a website creator through WordPress, I do believe that it can have its own personality. I have been trying this whole semester to figure out what I want my website to be as people look at it.

2. What is one thing in Chapter 3 you disagree with?

The author is not a fan of human-computer interaction but I disagree. I think a lot of people find working with a computer easier or less stressful than working with another person. The author says he wants the computer to have a personality and I understand what he means, but when you are the user of the computer I don’t think the personality matters.

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