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For my PR Publications class, we were asked to brainstorm ideas for a business card and then begin the design process through InDesign. When asked to complete this assignment, I felt prepared to take it on. We had been given the basic InDesign skills during Boot Camp and all I had to do was put them into action. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to design my business card, but because of the lectures early on, I felt I could complete it from scratch and create something that was aesthetically pleasing.

After I followed Croom’s detailed instructions and started¬†to use InDesign, my business card actually came together. The outline looks pretty good and I am pleasantly surprised I have the necessary skills. I love learning these different skills and then being able to put them to use. I am able to use basic InDesign and then the other areas I need to learn, I can use or simply Google it.

Originally, I think my reaction was pleasantly surprised because I do obtain the necessary skills it takes to complete a business card on InDesign. Croom has given us the skills we need to
take our portfolio to the next level.

Pictured to the right is the rough draft of my business card. SHS Business Card

Samuel Wells
@ 6:51 pm

Hey Katie,

I really like the your business card draft. I think that the colors you used convey a sense of approachability. Also, I thought it was smart to use an exaggerated height in the logo font, because it looks like each word is physically supporting the word above it, thereby emphasizing the idea of support in the organization. The only thing I might consider working with is the font describing the mission of the organization. You might try a font that is less decorated and more streamlined to enhance readability. However, I do like the overall design. Good work!

    @ 6:53 pm


    Thank you! I’m glad you like the idea of the letters supporting each other and I will look into changing the font on the mission. I agree, it’s a little difficult to read. Thanks again!

@ 6:52 pm

Your business card looks great! I like your use of typography and that you included a short description of the organization. Have you thought about putting anything on the back of the card?

    @ 6:59 pm

    Yes, I have Madison! I am planning on putting the Sooners Helping Sooners logo on the back. Thank you for the comment!


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